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  • I can do different types of character art for all kinds of characters (humans and human-like characters, furry and anthro, fantasy, sci-fi, real-life and fictional species, etc.).​​​​

  • I am not good at character design, especially outfit design. By "not good" I mean "not skilled and productive enough to provide the quality and quantity of the designs required for a character design commission".
    I need good quality reference images or, at least, detailed descriptions.

  • NSFW policy:

    • nudity — OK

    • sexual themes — OK

    • mild violence/gore — OK


Payment via Boosty — see my Boosty Guide

Digital Paintings

Digital artworks in a painterly style with occasional use of 3D and traditional media. 

I love to use visual means and techniques to convey as much character's personality as I can:

  • using custom textures and brushes that match character's style and personality;

  • adding symbolic details that have a special meaning for the character;

  • mixing different art styles;

  • combining realistic shading with surrealistic details.

More complex artworks generally have more polished and detailed art style. This is just a consequence of a long time spent on the artwork and also a way to give it more depth: the more elements there are, the wider range of difference between them is needed.

  • Bust: $60

  • Half body: $100

  • Full body: $150

  • Add character: +50%

  • Backgrounds: ​

    • Simple​​: for free
      Flat or abstract background with texture or simple pattern.

    • Detailed: $30
      Background with more elaborate design: custom patterns, decorative elements a
      nd effects.
      It may also be simplified scenery or interior.

    • Complex: $50+
      Interior, landscape
       or any other realistic, surrealistic, or abstract background with many elements.

  • Illustration: $200+​​​​

Complex scene of any kind. Background included in the price.

[CLOSED] Soft-shaded style

Artworks with pencil-like lineart and smooth realistic shading.

This style is perfect for reference sheets, but can be used for other types of simple character art.

The result includes .JPG with solid background and .PNG with transparent background (or separate .PNG files for each shot).

  • Headshot: $30

  • Half body: $45

  • Full body: $60

  • Reference sheets:

    • Full body front view + mirrored full body back view: $90
      If the character is portrayed nude: an SFW version with simple underwear is included in the price.

    • Same pose, extra outfit: $30 (front view), $45 (front view + back view)

    • Extra shot: $15+
      Body part close-up, item, etc. The price depends on size and complexity.


Artworks in a loose painterly style with a 3-hour time limit.

It can be anything from a headshot to a scene. The simpler the idea, the more detailed and rendered the result.

  • Any speedpaint: $45

[CLOSED] Sketchy style

Quick ink-like artworks: all kinds of portraits, emotion charts, simple scenes, etc.

For choice: grayscale or tinted in a limited palette (does not affect the price).

  • Headshot: $15

  • Half body: $25

  • Full body: $35