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I will do:

  • Different types of character art for all kinds of characters (humans and human-like characters, furry and anthro, fantasy, sci-fi, real-life and fictional species, etc.).

  • Not character-centered artworks: backgrounds, cover illustrations, item art, and other.

  • Realistic, semi-realistic and stylized look.

  • NSFW artworks: I am okay with nudity, sexually explicit scenes, mild violence/gore (ask me for examples).

  • Work in a collaboration with other artists as a colorist.


I won’t do:

  • Oversimplified, cartoonish styles as a main artwork style.

  • Ordinary modern scenes and environments (apartments, offices, city streets, etc.) — anything that feels particularly "regular".


Payment via Boosty — see my Boosty Guide

I currently have two kinds of pricelists: Fixed and Hourly.

They are both based on the same hourly rates, but provide different ways of calculating the price of a commission. This makes my pricelist more flexible for various commissions and customers.

Fixed Pricelist
Digital Paintings

Digital artworks in a painterly style with occasional use of 3D and traditional media. 

I love to use visual means and techniques to convey as much character's personality as I can:

  • using custom textures and brushes that match character's style and personality;

  • adding symbolic details that have a special meaning for the character;

  • mixing different art styles;

  • combining realistic shading with surrealistic details.

More complex artworks generally have more polished and detailed art style. This is just a consequence of a long time spent on the artwork and also a way to give it more depth: the more elements there are, the wider range of difference between them is needed.

  • Bust: $80

  • Half body: $120

  • Full body: $150

  • Add character: +50%

  • Backgrounds: ​

    • Simple​​: for free
      Flat or abstract background with texture or simple pattern.

    • Detailed: $30
      Background with more elaborate design: custom patterns, decorative elements a
      nd effects.
      It may also be a simplified scenery or interior.

    • Complex: $50+
      Interior, landscape
       or any other realistic, surrealistic, or abstract background with many elements.

  • Illustration: $170+​​​​

Complex scene of any kind. Background included in the price.


Artworks in a painterly style with a short time limit.

Time limitation is only applied to the coloring stage. Regular speedpaint is done in 3 hours (see Hourly Pricelist for more options).

It can be anything from a headshot to a scene. The simpler the idea, the more detailed and rendered the result.

  • 3-hour speedpaint: $60

Hourly Pricelist


Hourly Pricelist works well in cases like this:

  • your idea doesn’t fit into one of the categories above

  • you want a finer adjustment of the price you are going to pay and the result you are going to get

  • you’d like to give me the artistic freedom

FORMULA: $15 (preparation stage and sketch) + $15/hour (coloring stage)

You just pay for the time I spend on your commission. It can be anything from a close up shot to a full scene with background, a simple colored sketch or a highly detailed art.

I use different painting techniques depending on the time limit.

Short-term artworks are painted more loosely. The simpler the idea, the more detailed and rendered the result. Scenes that are more complex will have more areas that are left sketch-like and simplified. (though I will always make the most important parts look nice and detailed)

Longer-term artworks are more polished and have higher resolution.

Time references


These are just average time estimates for the coloring stage, your commission doesn't have to fall into one of these categories.

  • Colored sketch: 1-2 hours ($30-45)

  • Speedpaint: 3-5 hours ($60-90)

  • Full render: 5+ hours ($90+)

    • Bust: 4-5 hours ($75-90)

    • Half body: 6-8 hours ($105-135)

    • Full body: 8-10 hours ($135-165)

    • Illustration: 10-20 hours ($165-315)

Examples (time in the description)
Work Process

​1. Ordering a commission

Make sure you have read and accepted the Terms of Service.

Contact me by email ( or DM to take a slot. A brief description of your commission idea would be helpful!

2. Clarifying the concept

If everything is fine and I am ready to work with you, the next step is to discuss the commission in detail.

Answering messages can take me some time, sometimes I am very slow when in comes to communication. 


I will need to know more about the character: personality traits, occupation, quirks, etc.

Please provide good quality references of your character (such as artworks, game screenshots, photo references, etc.). Mood boards or aesthetic images may come in handy, too!


You can define any aspects of the artwork (composition, pose, expression, colors, lighting, background, etc.) or leave it to my artistic interpretation. 

In some complicated cases the price may end up being higher than what's said in the pricelist.


3. Making the artwork

My workflow is rather flexible and depends on the concept and it's challenges. Sketches can be done within a week while full-rendered artworks can easily take weeks or even months to finish.


The work starts with sketches of some kind (quick drawing, black and white or colored thumbnail, etc.). The number of sketches may vary: sometimes even one is enough, the other times it must be several sketches to choose from.

You may request more sketches and as many alterations as you want until we reach a decent draft. Pre-payment should be made after the sketch is approved.

Then I will start the main stage of work. I will send you work-in-progress images along the way (2-3 or more if needed).

At this stage you can still request alterations in accordance with the Terms of Service.

This rule does not apply to speedpaints and simple sketchy-style artworks which are usually done in one go.


I am open for discussion and your suggestions at any point of work! Feel free to tell me if you feel like something can be improved.

4. Finishing and publishing

When the artwork is done I will send you the final version and a link to Google Drive folder, where you can download the full size image. The folder will also include a smaller size image which is more convenient for publishing.

I often don't post the artworks immediately after finishing. You don't have to wait for me, it is fine if you publish first. You may also ask me to postpone the publishing (for example, if the artwork is a birthday gift or anything like that).

I always mention the client (and the character owner, if that's a different person) in the description, so you may specify your name and/or preferred link.

Optional: you can write a description for the artwork. A few words about the character, written by the their owner, can make a huge positive difference in perceiving the artwork!

Terms of Service

By placing an order you confirm your agreement with these terms of service.

Ver. of  1 Jan 2023


  • As the artist, I retain all rights to the commissioned artwork including the right of using the artwork: publish, print, include in art books, use in self-advertisement, etc.

  • The client may use the commissioned artwork for personal purposes, print and edit the image. The client may also publish the artwork with a reference to me as an artist (nickname, Fishy Frog, and/or a link to this website, my Tumblr, Twitter, or Fur Affinity). It is not recommended to publish high resolution images online in free access as it may lead to art theft.

  • The client may not use the artwork for commercial purposes, including reselling the files and rights to the image, unless the terms of commercial usage were set from the beginning.

  • All rights for characters, races, species, settings, etc. reserved by their owners.

  • The rights may be negotiated separately.


  • In most cases I require 100% pre-payment after sketch approval.

  • Payment via Boosty (accepts PayPal and card payments). See my Boosty Guide for clients.

  • If the cost is more than $200, the payment may be split (with 50% pre-payment).

  • Other payment plans —  by agreement.


  • The client may request any necessary amount of alterations on the sketch stage.

  • Some alterations can still be made on the main painting stage as a part of the refinement process.

  • If revisions are large, do not fit in the original concept and/or require much time and remaking, they are charged $15/hour.

Refunds and refusals

  • I reserve the right to reject commission inquiry for any reason.

  • No refunds can be made after the sketch and color scheme have been approved by the client.

  • If I am unable to complete an artwork due to unforeseen reasons on my side, I will make 100% refund to the client.


  • The time depends on artwork complexity, amount of details and my workload. It may take from one week to several months.

  • The client may set a deadline if necessary, but I may decline the request if the term is too short.

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