Status: OPEN
Slots available: 2

Last update: 7 November 2022

Painting characters with a look inside

...because every character has something to tell.

I do digital artworks in a painterly style with occasional use of 3D and traditional media. But most importantly, I love to use visual means and techniques to convey as much character's personality as I can.

In my artworks I combine realistic shading with patterns and surreal details. Mood and individuality appear kind of woven into the painting's surface by the choice of colors, brushes, and effects!

I am currently focused on shoulder up portraits. I work slowly and thoroughly, trying to find details and visual symbols that would be meaningful and expressive for each specific character.

I am fine with all kinds of characters and I am eager to broaden my skills! I worked a lot with fantasy human-like ones, but now I'm also gaining experience with furry and anthro.