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Boosty Guide for clients is a Patreon-like service which was made for creators with Russian-speaking audiences. It was around for quite a long time and it was pretty popular among Russian youtubers, cosplayers, streamers, etc.

Now it is the most easy and reliable way for all Russian creators to get paid, because Boosty still accepts PayPal and bank card payments from abroad. It basically serves as a mediator since PayPal is not available in Russia.


  • Switch to English language in top right corner.

  • Click 'Sign Up' or 'Log In' in top left.

  • Register or sign in using social media account (Google, YouTube, Twitch).



  • Go to my Boosty page

  • Click 'Donate' button under the 'Goals' bar.

  • Click 'Donate' and choose the payment method.
    The most reported issue is never-ending loading on this page (it won't redirect you to PayPal or let you enter the bank card info). Switching to incognito tab, or changing the browser or device helps in most cases!

  • Confirm the payment and you are done! :]

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