Work process

​1. Ordering a commission

Make sure you have read and accepted the Terms of Service.

See the Pricelist and check the slot availability on the Commissions page.

Contact me by email ( or DM to take a slot. A brief description of your commission idea would be helpful!

2. Clarifying the concept

If everything is fine and I am ready to work with you, the next step is to discuss the commission in detail.

Answering messages can take me some time, I am very slow when in comes to communication. 


I will need to know more about the character: personality traits, occupation, quirks, etc.

Please provide good quality references of your character (such as artworks, game screenshots, photo references, etc.). Mood boards or aesthetic images may come in handy, too!


You can define any aspects of the artwork (composition, pose, expression, colors, lighting, background, etc.) or leave it to my artistic interpretation. 

In some complicated cases the price may end up being higher than what's said in the pricelist.

After we reach an agreement on all the details, the pre-payment should be made.


3. Making the artwork

My workflow is rather flexible and depends on the concept and it's challenges. I tend to work slowly and it usually takes at least one month to complete a portrait.


In any way, it starts with sketches of some kind (quick drawing, black and white or colored thumbnail, etc.). The number of sketches may vary: sometimes even one is enough, the other times it must be several sketches to choose from.

You may request more sketches and as many alterations as you want until we reach a decent draft.

Then I will start the main stage of work. I will send you work-in-progress images along the way (2-3 or more if needed).

At this stage you can still request alterations in accordance with the Terms of Service.


I am open for discussion and your suggestions at any point of work! Feel free to tell me if you feel like something can be improved.

4. Finishing and publishing

When the artwork is done I will send you the final version and a link to Google Drive folder, where you can download the full size image. The folder will also include a smaller size image which is more convenient for publishing.

I often don't post the artworks immediately after finishing. You don't have to wait for me, it is fine if you publish first. You may also ask me to postpone the publishing (for example, if the artwork is a birthday gift or anything like that).

I always mention the client (and the character owner, if that's a different person) in the description, so you may specify your name and/or preferred link.

Optional: you can write a short description (up to 200 symbols, which is limited by Twitter post length) for the artwork. A few words about the character, written by the owner themself, can make a huge positive difference in perceiving the artwork!