Terms of Service

By placing an order you confirm your agreement with these terms of service.

Ver. of 18 Mar 2022


  • As the artist, I retain all rights to the commissioned artwork including the right of using the artwork: publish, print, include in art books, use in self-advertisement, etc.

  • The client may use the commissioned artwork for personal purposes, print and edit the image. The client may also publish the artwork with a reference to me as an artist (nickname, Fishy Frog, and/or a link to Twitter or Fur Affinity). It is strongly not recommended to publish high resolution images online in free access as it may lead to art theft.

  • The client may not use the artwork for commercial purposes, including reselling the files and rights to the image, unless the terms of commercial usage were set from the beginning.

  • All rights for characters, races, species, settings, etc. reserved by their owners.

  • The rights may be negotiated separately.


  • I require 100% pre-payment via Boosty (accepts PayPal and card payments). See my Boosty Guide for clients.

  • If the cost is more than $200, the payment may be split (with 50% pre-payment).


  • The client may request any necessary amount of alterations on the sketch stage.

  • Some alterations can still be made on the main painting stage as a part of the refinement process.

  • If revisions are large, do not fit in the original concept and/or require much time and remaking, they are charged $15/hour.

Refunds and refusals

  • I reserve the right to reject commission inquiry for any reason.

  • No refunds can be made after the sketch and color scheme have been approved by the client.

  • If I am unable to complete an artwork due to unforeseen reasons on my side, I will make 100% refund to the client.


  • The time depends on artwork complexity, amount of details and my workload. It may take from one week to several months.

  • The client may set a deadline if necessary, but I may decline the request if the term is too short.